"She’s started composing…" "MUSIC?!?!"

i’m stressing out right now about my stupid mother-loving health insurance.

i hate that i went to get a stupid CT scan now that nothing is wrong with my head and the problem was with my back…and problem my new chiropractor is fixing with much haste.

that stupid useless doctor’s visit (where he did nothing but ask me a bunch of questions and proceed to tell me that i had to get scanned for tumors) is costing me/us about $2000. granted the claim isn’t finished being processed so it could cost less, but i’m not planning on it.

i know i should be grateful that i have health insurance at all, but c’mon. this is a bit nuts.

One thought on “"She’s started composing…" "MUSIC?!?!"

  1. well, it prob. won’t be that much. i got an MRI a couple years ago, and after it went thru all the insurance stuff, it was about $500… try not to worry.i almost wrote them a check, but they let you pay with credit now… so i paid with my frontier card, which added to our freq. flier miles… mwahahaha! suckers!

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