Week #9

This week, much to my own chagrin, I’m thankful for PBR.
The beer, not the bull-riding association (although that is something to be quite thankful for as well)

In my difficult struggle to lose all the weight I gained on the cruise, I have found that I still enjoy drinking a beer or two on date night or when we hang out with our buds at Sloans and/or Big Hoss. I’ve recently been drinking “chandy’s” which is cheap lite beer and Sprite mixed. Much to my dismay, Sprite is chock-full of all kinds of calories and sugar that I don’t need. So the other night, I braved the wild’s of crappy beer and ordered a PBR. And wouldn’t you know it, I actually enjoyed it! It’s only like 52calories for 12oz. and typically costs about $2.50…totally not a bum deal. I still really like my chandy’s, but until I lose the “cruise weight” I’m happy to indulge in cheap American beer…

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