On that lovin’ feeling…

I love shoes. A lot. There are few things in my wardrobe I love as much as I love my shoes. I could probably tell you a story about each pair. They’re all special and they were all purchased for a specific reason at a specific time. I wish I could remember the first pair of heels I ever purchased. It was so long ago, probably in high school, that I have no idea what they looked like. But I’m pretty sure I know how I felt when I wore them.

There’s little I can wear that makes me feel as fabulous (beware: I’ll probably use that word a lot today. It’s just how it goes) as the right pair of shoes. Scratch that. The right pair of HEELS. I feel a lot of things when I wear my heels. Fancy. Fabulous. Bad ass. Special. Tall. Pretty. Powerful. No other item of clothing I own can make me feel that way. And it takes a really special pair to make me feel that all at once. I have exactly one pair that can do that for me.


That’s a  4 ¾” heel. Grey snakeskin. Jimmy Choo. Be still, my heart.

They are the most comfortable shoe I own. No question about it. I can’t even begin to describe how fricking fabulous I feel every time I slip them on. Even the mere process of buying them was full of fabulousness. I was in New York City in the Meat Packing District shopping at some of the most incredible stores a girl can imagine. Right before I bought these beauties, I’d wandered through Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. I almost talked myself into a pair of Stella’s and I actually tried on a $15,000 McQueen jacket. Talk about feeling fabulous! I went to New York with the sole purpose of buying a pair of designer shoes. I had my heart set on a pair of royal blue Manolo Blahnik’s (thank you, Sex & The City). I went to the Manolo store, but they didn’t have anything resembling the pump I wanted. It was a huge bummer. So I wandered in to Dior where feet were introduced to the magic of the Miss Dior Peep-toe. Amazing! I still need to get a pair of those suckers.

But it wasn’t until I was in a store called Jeffrey (with my uncle Jef, a supremely awesome and stylish being) that I discovered Jimmy Choo. I walked in and almost fell over from sheer joy! They carried a beautiful blue Manolo! I tried them on and, on recommendation from my uncle and the sales person, I wandered around the store in them. They were delightful! But on a whim, the sales person suggested I try a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. “Do you have anything in blue? I’m kind of set on a blue shoe,” I asked. Nope, nothing in blue, but why don’t I give these a whirl, just in case?

Well, if I felt fabulous in those blue Manolo’s (even if they were slightly uncomfortable), there aren’t yet words to describe how I felt when I put on those incredible grey pumps. I wandered around the store some more…it’s very likely I started skipping at some point. I think that’s how I knew I needed those shoes and those shoes alone, color be damned! So I bought them. And we’ve been in love ever since.

I haven’t worn them in over a year. That’s actually quite sad to think about. Between crappy weather, being pregnant, and not having a job to wear fancy clothes to, I just haven’t had the reason or physical stability to wear them. It’s high-heel time I remedy that! Spring can make a comeback at any time…and I’ll be rocking those shoes in all their fabulous might on the first day I possibly can!

All that to say: Don’t wait for a special day or event to wear your favorite things.

“Because it’s Tuesday” is just as good a reason to wear diamond or pearls as “It’s our anniversary.”
“I love the fall” is a perfectly acceptable reason to wear your favorite boots.
“Because I felt like it” is probably the best reason of all to wear whatever it is that makes you feel your very best today.

Be fabulous, folks! 

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