On playing by the numbers….

I’m not a huge fan of numbers. I deal much better in letters and words. They make much more sense to me. I think that’s because I was born largely without a left brain. Despite my unending love of words, there is a singular number that has held a very special place in my heart for more than half my life.
I love that number. It has a funny backstory in my life and it also seems that whenever I see the number 42 crop up in life, something good happens. Several months ago, I went to one of my favorite burger places and my order number was 42. That was a damn good day. It’s hard to have a bad day when you get to have an amazing burger followed by an even more amazing massage. Then, two weeks later, I went back with one of my best friends to the same burger place and our order number was, you guessed it, 42. Again, it was a magical day! The 42nd day of 2012 also happened to be a really good day for me. And every 42 days, I get to have a manicure (and several additional times in between).
Generally speaking, 42 just makes for a good number for me. It also makes me curious…what will my 42nd birthday hold? What other instances of 42 come up in my life that I don’t recognize or just completely miss?
And if you can guess where my original love of the number 42 actually comes from, bonus points to you!

2 thoughts on “On playing by the numbers….

  1. It is definitely from HGTTG, but I didn't figure that out until I was in my 20s, thanks to my dad and another enginerd friend…it's kind of a long story haha!

    And I LOVE that your original date was a 42 haha! That's awesome!

  2. If it's not from Hitchhiker's Guide, I don't know where it could possibly be from.

    I'm good with numbers and appreciate them, but I don't generally put much into numbers for luck or numerology or anything like that…

    BUT our original wedding date was going to be on 4/16… (a good number on it's own… a perfect square and it's square)… and it would have been our 42nd month together. (We ended up delaying by a month)

    (also, your snippet came through messed up to my reader…. probably nothing you can do about that, but it doesn't hurt to know.)

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