On the road less traveled….

Running has quickly become something I love. I left my office the other day and walked out into a beautiful day with a slight breeze and actually whined to myself…”UhhhhhhhUH! It would be PERFECT to run tonight!” but I didn’t get to (because I was taking a gun class which was equally as fun and empowering as any run I’ve done recently). I love the feeling I get when I complete a run, knowing that I frickin’ did it. It’s been a long time coming, this running thing. And each day, I get closer and closer to being okay with calling myself “a runner”…I think I’ll do that when I finally hit 5 miles.

When I go for runs outside, I start and end at my house. I run through a great park in my neighborhood and sometimes wander through the neighborhoods themselves. There are gorgeous trees and a pretty creek to run next to…being in nature feels good! There’s a more ghetto side of the trail I run and I only really do that with a friend because the one time I ran it alone, it was a bit sketchy. And by “a bit” I mean “almost entirely riddled with sketch characters.”

It’s interesting to me, the metaphor of running away from and toward my house. I feel like that’s something I’m kind of experiencing right now. I’m in a state of heightened emotions and running has given me the opportunity to get some of that out of me. It also allows me an hour or so to just be with my thoughts (and my music) and really evaluate and take stock of things. I guess I’m not entirely sure what I’m running away from, or even toward. At a base level, I’m running toward 13.1 miles. I want to hit that goal so badly I can taste it. Running is allowing me the chance to see how capable I really am. I’ve given up on dreams of running several times in the past and now? Now I just go for it. I want to be the person that puts her mind to something and does it…and does it well.

Sometimes, running away from and toward things can be terrifying. What’s behind me is comfortable and easy; what’s in front of me is somewhat unknown and will probably be at least a little challenging. What’s an adventure without a little challenge though, right? It means letting go of what I’ve known for so long and being brave enough to trust myself in the future.

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