On becoming a monster….

It’s no secret that I like cookies. In fact, I probably love them. My default cookie is a classic Oreo. None of this Double Stuff or backwards or even mint Oreo nonsense. Just plain old Oreos. I love them. I could eat an entire sleeve and probably wouldn’t feel all that bad about it (I have a similar physical reaction toward pizza).
But there’s just nothing quite like a homemade cookie, is there? I spent about four years of my life trying to recreate a grocery store sugar cookie. You know…the super soft ones with way too much frosting? They’re so delicious, it hurts. And I needed to be able to make them. So several years and many discarded batches of dough later, I was able to figure it out (and it’s my little secret).
My favorite cookie to make is chocolate chip…I’m still working through some issues with that one. I can’t seem to get the consistency right, though the flavor – admittedly – is amazing. That’s due, in large part, to replacing one ingredient with a slightly different one (another of my little secrets).
Gingerbread, shortbread, and oatmeal-raisin are among several others that I love making.
But if I had to choose a favorite cookie, it wouldn’t be a cookie at all. You see, my life essentially revolves around Christmas baking and this comes from my dad’s love of holiday baking. He’s a master in the kitchen when it comes to just about any kind of cooking or baking. He taught me how to make my first sugar cookie, so I have a special place in my heart for that one. But he makes the most incredible fruitcake you’ll ever have the joy of tasting.
Put aside all your bullsh*t notions of fruitcakes you can build homes with or using them as gag gifts. My dad’s fruitcake (which is a recipe that’s been passed down for at least three generations) is the baked good that I most look forward to. It only happens once a year (though once I did request it for my birthday cake…and got it…in May) so the anticipation really starts building right about….now.
If only it could be Christmas season tomorrow….or always….!

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