On time standing still….

There are plenty of things that happen in my life that just take way too long. Things like waiting in line at the grocery store. Or getting my meal after I’ve ordered at certain restaurants. Or driving from place X to place Y (I’d much rather fly). But maybe the thing that takes much longer than it ever should is the time between now and whenever my next vacation comes around.
It seems the less time there is between now and vacation, the longer time seems to take. If I don’t have a vacation planned, time just trucks right along at a normal pace while I wish away time, trying to figure out where to go next. But once the vacation is planned, time inevitably begins to slow down.
Like the time we went to Paris. The trip was decided on in December and booked by February…but the trip didn’t happen until June. Good Lord. February and March were okay, in the time department. Plenty to keep busy with (buying a house and what not), but by the time April and May rolled around, I felt like I was swimming through cement most days. Time couldn’t possibly go by more slowly.
Or so I thought.
The week before the flight to Paris was, without question, the SLOWEST WEEK EVER! Eight hours took eight days to pass. I couldn’t do anything to make it go faster. Nothing! It’s painful, waiting for something exciting to happen, isn’t it? And just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, the unimaginable happened.
Time slowed down. Again.
If I thought the days leading up to vacation were bad, I was in no way prepared to deal with the mere hours prior to take-off. I honestly did not think time could slow down any further. Yet it did. Sigh. And then, of course, once we landed in Paris time sped right back up again. One solid week flew by and I wondered how in the world we’d ever see all the things we needed to see! We managed pretty well, but by the end, it all sort of felt like a dream.
That’s how vacations seem to go for me. It’s a dream-like state of affairs. Whatever vacation I take next, I’m sure that trance-y feeling will make an appearance. I’m sure the hours before my next flight will be tragically long. But still…I want a vacation.

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