On loving the living dead….

Fall arrives (officially) on Friday. I always say that fall arrives with the first NFL game of the season…that’s always been a good marker for me. Football season, for me, equals the following: lazy Sundays, delicious soups, cozy sweatpants and sweatshirts, fuzzy blankets, afternoon naps, seven-layer dip, a house full of friends. Generally speaking, I guess football season is for me what Fall is for most people. I just never really considered that the two coincide. Yes, I hate Fall with the fire of a thousand suns. But I love love love football season!
It would seem that most people in my life love Fall the way I love Summer. So I have a few people that are making it their personal mission to help me make it through this most dreaded season. My co-worker is one of them. In fact, she’s begun a list on my white board of reasons to love Fall. So far, the list is about eight reasons long and they’re all very good. I have some others that have been given to me over the weekend, but the one that I had completely forgotten about is one that, frankly, is a little bit weird.
Zombies are one of the best reasons to love Fall that I can think of (so thanks for that, Micaela!)…ever since my first exposure to Resident Evil, I’ve been in love with zombies. I just think they’re funny. Sure, they can be gross, but mostly they’re just hilarious. I may even consider being a zombie again for Halloween this year. It’s either that or Alice (Resident Evil Alice, not Wonderland Alice) and since I no longer have appopriate boots for that costume, I think I’ll rock the zombie gear again.
Really, when I think zombies, I think hilarious. I mean, how can you go wrong with “Shaun of the Dead” or “Zombieland”? You can’t. I promise.
And this? Gimme a break. How is this not funny?!
It’s funny because it’s true…
On top of all that, I have a plan for any impending zombie apocalypse. I know exactly where I’ll be heading…..do you?

2 thoughts on “On loving the living dead….

  1. So it sounds like we need to have a green chile, seven layer dip, shaun of the dead saturday (so as not to interfere with nfl sunday) 😉

    Ps, I have some alice-y boots if you're interested

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