On losing sleep (but only when it matters)….

I’m a huge fan of sleep. Like, I really, really love to sleep. The problem is that I’m a bit of an insomniac so I don’t get to do the sleep thing nearly as often as I want to. Even when I get to sleep in, particularly on a weekday (like today, for example), I just can’t seem to do it. Sleep is very elusive for me. Once every couple of days, I get the best night’s sleep I could possibly hope for. I fall asleep at a normal hour, I don’t have creepy dreams, I don’t wake up at 3am worrying about something stupid at work that I can’t change. I just have good, solid, wonderful sleep. I love sleeping like that.

So for someone like me, that loves sleep as much as I do, is there ever a time when getting to little (or even no) sleep is totally, completely, and without question worth it?

I certainly hope so! If not, there are several things in my life I’ve been losing lovely sleep over.

Christmas morning.
Leaving for vacations.
Much needed shopping dates with girl friends.
Remembering a great hug.
Simply being excited about life.
A birthday (I mean, who doesn’t get excited about that?)
Seeing my sister after way too long.
Having a brilliant idea and not being able to do anything until the idea is on paper.

Sure, there are plenty of times I’ve lost sleep over stupid stupid things. Mostly work things. Things that I can’t change or just don’t care about. If there’s one thing I learned about my last job, it’s that, at my new job, I won’t let myself lose sleep over anything unless it’s really worth it. Unless it’s something good. Unless it’s so life-changing and exciting an event, that to sleep would be to waste time.

If I’m going to lose the precious little sleep that I do get, it had better be over something fantastic, not over something worrisome. There are things I can change and things I cannot. So when I start to lose sleep, I will wake up only to figure out if it’s worth losing sleep over. Frankly, I just love sleeping way too much to be bothered with things I can’t do a thing about.

One thought on “On losing sleep (but only when it matters)….

  1. I hate losing sleep. For any reason. I find it difficult to enjoy something when my eyes keep falling closed. But I do enjoy getting up early to write… when I can pry myself out of bed.

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