On holding on to the past….

There are certain things that we all have from all periods of our lives, whether they be physical “things” or simply memories that we refuse to let go of. For me, there’s a stuffed toy I’ve had since I was nearly 3 years old that I just won’t ever get rid of or give away. No way. She’s this tiny little yellow baby doll my parents got for me right before my sister was born. I got it because I was relentless about the name I wanted to give my sister. I just wouldn’t let it go. Bothered my parents endlessly about the name. So I got the baby doll in order to satiate my baby naming desires. The name:

Siffy See Soo Shalarina

Seriously. Don’t ask me where the hell a 3 year old came up with that name, but I did. And I proudly bestowed it upon that yellow baby doll. I’ve kept that doll ever since I first got it. She’s come with me to Canada and Minnesota. She’s made a bazillion different moves to a bazillion different houses. For the longest time, she held the prime spot of my bed…the very center of the six pillows I typically had. I’ve gotten a lot of awesome stuffed animals and toys since Siffy (I kind of love stuffed toys)…a fish, a lobster, an elephant, a kitty, a buffalo, and probably a million more that I can’t even remember. But none of them will ever top Siffy. None of them will ever be as special as she is.

And my parents chose a much better, much more normal (and pronounceable) name for my little sister…phew!

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