On living in the moment….

There are people that like surprises and people that loathe them entirely. I’m part of the group that likes them. In fact, I kind of love them. I think that probably has a lot to do with my propensity for organization and planning. When you have the capability of planning a day (nay, a LIFE) out in 15-minute increments, surprises are a welcome, well, surprise.

I hate when plans go awry or when wrenches get thrown into the mix…surprises of a bad nature are never welcome. I think most people would agree with that. I mean things like getting an unexpected email (or better, a card in the snail mail) or coming home to a clean house or having chocolates dropped off on my desk. I’m a huge fan of THOSE kinds of surprises. When I was planning my wedding, I left two rather important things to chance/surprise…the guestbook and my flowers. Yup. I left my flowers up to chance. I told the designer the basic idea of what I wanted and let her go to town. I never saw a single design that she’d planned, never saw what would be the finished product of a single flower until she brought them to the ceremony. Part of that was because I trusted her (and her impeccable portfolio) intrinsically and part of it was because, with all the planning, I knew every single detail of the entire day and knew exactly how everything would play out. There would be no mistakes, no surprises, nothing would happen without my express consent. And it didn’t. So those flowers…man, what a wonderful surprise that was! I damn near cried when I saw them.

None of that is really the point. The point, I think, is to allow yourself the chance to be surprised. I often tell people that they could tell me the end to just about any movie and if I end up actually watching it, I’ll still be surprised by the ending. Hell, Titanic was practically a surprise to me! Enjoying life’s happy surprises are part of my way of trying to live in the moment. So often, I get caught up in planning (and I assure you, I can plan w-a-y far in advance…like, years in advance) that I forget to enjoy the moments of NOW. So for those of you who hate surprises, I challenge you to let yourself start enjoying even the smallest ones. And those of you, like me, who live for the surprises, keep on keeping on…you never know when the next one will hit you!

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