Top Ten of TwentyTen

(I forgot to publish this on December 31, 2010…so just pretend).

Being the last day of the year and all, it’s the time of year when many of us bloggers reminisce on what we did (or did not do) over the last twelve months. So here is my official Top Ten of TwentyTen for your enjoyment. A departure of typical musings, yes; but fun (for me) nonetheless.

10. Visited Paris and Versailles, France with the Husband in June…one part congratulatory trip for Husband’s book publishing, one part European getaway, and one part wedding for friends, this was an incredible trip for the both of us! I’m still trying to rid my body of all the cheese and wine I consumed.

9. Went on an epic ski trip with good friends to the far away Crested Butte (or, as I like to call it – because of how it looks – Mount Crumpit). There’s really nothing like fresh, groomed powder and stopping halfway down a run for an ice cold beer at a bar made out of ice. I’m very much looking forward to our next trip in a couple weeks.

8. Got an iPhone 4! Blah blah blah to all the AT&T / Apple haters. This thing is fricking awesome! The organizational crazy head in me loves this handy little device. It went all Jerry MacGuire on me. It completes me.

7. Turned the ripe old age of thirty and celebrated in style! Todd threw me fancy schmancy affair and with the help of my family and dear friends, it was the most perfect party I could have imagined. So far, 30 is a pretty stellar age!

6. Stupidly took 12 credit hours during the summer semester and managed, miraculously, to only have one meltdown. While the meltdown resulted in a complete failure of my pink laptop, Todd was able to fix it (though not before the damn thing lost ALL of my data and schoolwork) and I pulled off a 4.0 that semester. It helped me prove to myself that I could do pretty much anything I set my head to.

5. Bought a house!! In January, we started looking earnestly for a house of our own and with some amount of dumb luck and a fantastic realtor, we found the perfect house in the perfect location. By April, we closed and on May 1, we moved in a started making it our own. It’s a bit of a work in progress right now, but we love every bit of it and the dogs totally love the backyard (as do we)…I’m looking forward to spring and summer to start working on making the yard a lovely litte haven for us.

4. Made prime rib for the first time. Okay, so it’s not an overwhelming accomplishment, but it leads somewhere. And hey, prime rib is a bit of an undertaking. And an expensive one, at that!

3. Threw my very first formal dinner party! I needed to do this to test out making a prime rib as it was going to be the main course for Christmas dinner, something I REALLY didn’t want to screw up. The party, as far as I could tell, was a success and the June Cleaver in me can’t wait to host more and more parties!

2. Hosted Christmas and Christmas dinner at our house! I’ve been wanting to hose a killer Christmas since I was about 12 years old. I love my family’s traditions and the ones that Husband and I have created over the last five years, so it was nice to get the chance to do that at last! My plum pudding turned out amazingly and the prime rib (which I did a practice run on in #4) was too big but that just means left overs for us. Oh darn.

1. Probably the most epic thing that has happened to me in recent years (outside of getting married), I finally graduated from a university! Eleven long years and plenty of screwing around with my education, I finally finished and did it with some amount of success. Made the Dean’s List a couple of times, impressed my advisor with my gumption, and created some of my best writing to date…I can’t complain! It feels good to be done.

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