On cooking up a human…

I was recently required to write a poem that had to do with something “work” related, but also had to be something entirely different. For the assignment, I needed to find the etymology of the topic I chose (baking, which should come as no surprise) and various words related to the topic. Here is what I came up with:

It’s a dry heat required for this technique.

Brewing up perfection

Layer upon layer, a masterpiece I create.

Every morsel, every crumb, every sacrificial taste

Transforms with each kneading twist of my hand,

Preparing for the final moments of searing heat.

Baubles of many colors, decorations abound.

I am a confectioner of incredible feats!

She is my soufflé of epic flavor;

Leavened and soft, sweet to the mouth, comfort to touch

Icing covers her as she rises from the fire.

My work of art, a delicious success.


Todd came up with the idea to use baking as a “human factory”…he posted his version over on his blog. It’s substantially more creepy than mine, but that should also come as no surprise

5 thoughts on “On cooking up a human…

  1. What a suspicious conclusion to jump to!!! I guess I should be glad you didn't go the other way and assume we were trying to assemble a homunculus (not that I'd expect anyone but me to know what that is).

    What'd you think of my poem, Karla?

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