On leading a drama-free life….

At what point in one’s life does “drama” become both unnecessary and unacceptable?

For a long time, I figured that by the time I’d reached 25, it would have all ended. I went through a lot between the ages of 17 and 25 so I guessed that I’d be out of the thick of it by then.

I was wrong.

There was more and more drama, more and more heartache, and, in general, just more stupid.

So as I approach the end of my 20s and the beginning of the next chapter, I’m considering what a drama-free life means and how to achieve that.

It’s very simple.

Choose to be drama-free.

It sort of goes back to taking and having control of your own life. We’re the only ones that can decide how our lives are going to turn out.

I honestly believe there are people in the world that crave drama. They just love having something to bitch about or cry over or complain about or whatever about. I’ve been one of those people. Early on in my 20s, I loved when people were shitty to each other, in fights with each other, talking about each other….half the time, I was either causing the drama or the drama was coming to me. And I loved it!

But as time went on, it just became too much. I was exhausted all the time, I couldn’t sleep at night, I was drinking probably more than I should have been. It just wasn’t worth it. The people weren’t worth it and the drama wasn’t worth it. So I cut it all out and off. I was just done. But no matter how hard I seemed to try, the drama kept coming back. Except that it would come back and the people WOULD be worth it. So we all deal with the drama and sometimes friendships are strained, but (most of the time) are not broken.

Drama takes on a life of its own, if left unchecked. It comes around when you least expect it and often times at the most undesirable moments. And the feelings from my early 20s come screaming back…not the desire for drama to be around, but the exhaustion, the lack of sleep, the zombie-like facade. It’s complete nonsense and I absolutely detest those feelings (and I find myself thinking, “I’m too old for this crap!”).

Then I remember that I am the only person who can and is allowed to control my life so I choose to do just that. I block the drama, I cut it off, I mock it, and finally, I ignore it. I have better things to do with my time and my life. I refuse to be controlled by something that can just as easily be ignored as paid attention to. I have too many other important and exciting things to deal with drama. Honestly, who needs to?

And as a very brief message to the Drama Queens of the universe: please consider the possibility that nobody gives a shit.

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