On getting noticed….

I have no issue with saying it. I want to be a big deal. I want to be important and known (not to mention understood).

I know it’s a little late in my life to be saying this (being that I’m *gasp* 62 days away from being thirty), but I’m ready to really commit to being the person I intend to be. I’m just stuck trying to figure out how to do that.

I mentioned several entries ago that the idea of being a “Twilebrity” (Vanity Fair’s word, not mine) is more than a little appealing to me. Sure, Twitter/blogging/Facebook/social media in general can seem a little self-serving and just plain narcissistic, but I’m not sure that’s completely the case. Social media has really evolved in the last few years. We all used to have MySpace pages where we’d update our profiles and pictures and statuses so that our friends all over the country (even the world) would know what we were up to. It was really base-level, if you ask me. And people were accused of using MySpace to avoid real interaction with real people. That was probably true, to a certain degree.

MySpace has all but gone by the wayside for “regular people.” We all migrated over to Facebook (some of us *cough cough me* very begrudgingly) and now, well, who (or WHAT) doesn’t have a Facebook page? Hell, we can become fans of a pickle, fans of “That’s what she said”, fans of books, programs, shows, musicians, charities, whatever!

Facebook has become an extension of productivity for a lot of people and businesses. Now, we can really get our messages out there. Companies can not only advertise on sidebars, but can have a designated page where people can become fans of the company or it’s product; and the company can introduce to products or services to all their “fans” with a great deal of ease. Nothing says “easy marketing” like deploying one message to hundreds/thousands/millions of people in one fell swoop.

So yes, I’d like to be a part of that. I’d like my writing to be important to other people, people I don’t even know. There’s a lot of give and take involved in that, however. It means being interested in what other people are saying and taking a pro-active course in getting my name out there. This is precisely why I Twitter with a great deal of regularity. I want people to know I exist; more specifically, that I exist as a writer, as someone with things to say. So by tweeting, I’m letting people know what I do…thus, I reciprocate when someone says anything noteworthy…I re-tweet it. Maybe it’s just a nicety of social media, but I kind of like it, to be honest.

Frankly, I’d love to see someone famous RT me.

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