On give and take….

Today is National Grammar Day. I told my husband this is a day that he should send me flowers at the office. He scoffed, saying that I’m guaranteed flowers on other, more meaningful days of the year. But for a person that loves all things grammatical, what could be a more important day?

At any rate, I am discovering more and more how much I DO NOT care about many left-brained things…science, math, these types of things. I am more than indifferent about how or why the human body works. I don’t find it necessary to understand the physics of how the Golden Gate Bridge works. Math with letters (like algebra and other such nonsense) just confuses me. All of these things continually remind me of how much loathing I carry for them and that they’re the reason for doctors, engineers, and Microsoft Excel. I have no intention of learning about math beyond balancing my checking account or about biology beyond getting a passing grade in the class.

I certainly don’t begrudge people who DO like these things. My own father, after all, is a brilliant mechanical engineer for whom physics and trigonometry are essentials. And if we didn’t have people who liked math and science, we’d all be really sick and would be living in Tower-of-Pisa-like buildings.

But without people who love language and its inherent structure, there would be a lot less books and movies and a lot of businesses would be sending out letters with the aptitude of a junior higher (or worse).

The world is all very give-and-take when it comes to the right- v. left-brained subjects.

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