On getting over it….

Every so often, things will come up in our lives that are just worth getting over.

Getting over it takes less energy and stress than pondering over it.

Like the time that I saw this gorgeous jacket at a consignment store and didn’t buy it. It could have been my “signature jacket” that Stacy and Clinton so suggest every woman have. Two days later, I went back and it was gone. I pined over that jacket for days. DAYS, I tell you! And for what purpose? It’s not like I could go back in time and buy the jacket. There’s just no point in going over and over and over things…this whole “coulda woulda shoulda” thing doesn’t accomplish anything.

I feel like these things come up all the time, even in our interactions with other people.

For much of my adult life, I’ve found myself to be a pretty accepting person. I won’t force my life on you if you won’t force your life on me. So I’ve always sort of naturally assumed that if I ask someone to do or not do something around me, I’ll be given that respect with the understanding that they can ask the same of me.

So what do you do when someone doesn’t respect your wishes? Get over it. And if necessary, do some purging.

I don’t normally bring the Bible into my blog (as I try to be all-encompassing here), but I have this tattoo on my back – part of which is just embarrassing – that is the Hebrew words for LOVE and SACRIFICE. The whole point of this tattoo comes from my days in Bible college and from a section of the Bible found in Romans 14 (round about verse 19 through 23). It basically gets to the idea that if something is okay for me, that’s fine, but if it’s not okay for you, then it’s probably better and easier for me NOT to do something…and vice versa. It’s a rule that I generally live by.

Case and Point: My sister doesn’t drink. She doesn’t enjoy it and I think it might make her feel weird when I go out with her and get loaded (this has happened only once and I was young and selfish and self-destructive). So instead of forcing her to feel uncomfortable, it’s just easier on both of us if I drink a diet Coke and be done with it. Life without booze is certainly manageable for me.

So what’s my point here?

If I ask you to do or not do something, please respect that. I’ll grant you the same.

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