On strengths and weaknesses….

We all have our strengths.

Mine typically lie in the grammatical arenas and occasionally in the creative. I’m a pretty good singer. I do well in the kitchen (especially when I’m baking). When I really feel like it, I can clean a house like you wouldn’t believe. I’m a financial mastermind (just ask my husband) and I can plan the hell out of any vacation you want.

My shortcomings are many, I assure you. But the one that really tends to boggle the mind (or bottle it, if you’re an Anchorman) is my total lack of mathematical skills whatsoever. I rely really heavily on my fingers, calculators, and Microsoft Excel to make sure that every number in my life adds up correctly.
So what do I do when I spill coffee on the one calculator I have at the office?

Divide by zero, of course!

And in a normal world, where doing this would result in black holes, my calculator now tells me that not only is this possible, but that the answer to any math problem I give it is 3, somehow by default.

So I began asking the calculator other questions.

335 + 50 = 387.50
The 6 key now pulls 00
It has decided that I simply do not need to use the number 9 anymore
Clearing the calculator results in a negative number of your choosing.
And pressing the = key is nothing short of disastrous. 123456 x 6 = 914.494591678

So here’s what I can conclude from all of this.
I am not supposed to do math. Ever.

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