On hatred and betrayal….

Possibly the heaviest post to date. And this blog dates back quite a way.

I have been asking myself (and the larger Twitter/Facebook community, somewhat rhetorically) how to deal with hate. I’ve never experienced it before though I’ve probably said the word a lot. I mean, I hate mushrooms.

But hating mushrooms isn’t emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually toxic.

Pure, unadulterated hatred, however, is.

But when you’ve been so betrayed that it knocks the wind out of you and causes you to just stand there, staring, it’s hard to know what else to feel. It’s hard to know what to trust.

I keep thinking horrible (and somewhat insane) thoughts. I go over and over in my head things I’d like to say.

But none of this really accomplishes anything. Anger, after all, is a secondary emotion. One that needs to be addressed and dealt with, but secondary nonetheless.

I feel anger because I’ve been betrayed. I’ve been lied to. I’ve been hurt in unforgivable ways.

And because I’ve never been truly betrayed before, I’m not sure what to feel or how to react. So hate is where I’m stuck right now.

One thought on “On hatred and betrayal….

  1. Hate is earthly & therefore part of the human condition. I think it's a test of our spiritual side. From a certain perspective, since we're born of sin…this feeling comes easily to us & can easily consume. Sooner or later…if not conquered and mastered, it becomes our master. So easy to become bitter and jaded. When God rules you and you act in his favor, loving no matter what, you learn to put hate aside. Not an easy cross to bare…

    From a biological standpoint, hate really isn't so much hate, as it is fear. We are territorial like any other animal. Whether it be of ourselves, posessions or others. It's a self- defense mechanism.

    You may act out of fear or love. All emotion is based from these two roots. Just my opinion.

    Either way, it's best not to repress, but express & do not be afraid to show candor (tactful candor, mind you). Most things you will find are easy to let go of once you have dealt with it. For those things that cannot be let go of, I say give it to God or ask a counselor for help.

    From my personal experience, you teach people how to treat you. Mistakes happen and nobody is perfect. It's truly up to you what you will allow in your life and what you simply cannot. You are the master of your choice & your path.

    Love is stronger than hate, but sometimes it's certainly a harder path to choose.

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