On resolutions…

So I haven’t yet come up with anything in the way of a New Year’s resolution, so in keeping with the theme of maintaining past resolutions, here are 5 things I’ve never done that I’ll try to make happen in 2010:

1. Graduate from college
2. Learn to shoot a gun
3. Roast a prime rib
4. Buy a house
5. ……?

I really can’t think of anything for a “new” resolution though. Probably “remembering to take time for myself” is a good one. That’s something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. So many of the resolutions I’ve put into play in the past have involved doing or not doing something. It was like some kind of extended Lent, which never really worked. There was the year I swore I’d never swear again (that didn’t happen). And what about the one where I said I wouldn’t kiss a boy again until I got married? That was a) stupid b) unrealistic c) detrimental and d) laughable (considering I was 19 at the time).

I’m not sure I think resolutions should be about doing or not doing things. To be honest, I don’t know WHAT resolutions should be about. I guess maybe it’s about being a better person. Not necessarily to the world or your family or your friends, but just being a better YOU. What can I do to be a better ME? I really have no idea.

Admittedly, there is much about me that needs improvement. I’m frustrated easily. I get bent about stupid things. I fly off the handle. I’m lazy (sometimes). I don’t apply myself. I doubt myself. I’m forgetful and sometimes inadvertently rude or insensitive. I say stupid things. I tell jokes that aren’t funny.

There are several ways in which I could be “bettered”, but I’m not sure any of those things can or even should be changed. Maybe it’s enough to be aware of my follies, to be conscious of the ridiculous patterns I’ve created and make an attemp – however slight – to avoid those missteps.

So my question is: what does “resolution” mean to you? And do you have any for 2010?

2 thoughts on “On resolutions…

  1. Aw man, you love making resolutions! Maybe you’re just having writers block for resolutions? Well, since I never make them, maybe I can help with yours? Here's one: I know you’ve talked about getting a new tattoo. How ‘bout you make a resolution to save X amount from each paycheck until you have enough to get it done… by 2011? Yeah?! You like? :o)

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