Just in case…

This morning, I went a little bat crazy around the house after Todd had left for work. With 25 minutes remaining until I had to leave for work, I was left with some pretty serious time to do something around the house.

Generally speaking, I hate clutter. That doesn’t mean that I maintain a state of organization (unless you count organized chaos…I always know where just about everything is, even if it’s in some random pile on the floor), but I do hate clutter. I’d like to live a very minimalized life (like K&P appear to live…their apartment is nice and clean every time I’m there), but it just doesn’t happen on a regular basis.

So this morning, and with a hopefully-pending move looming in September, I went a little nuts on the house. Shredded a ton of bills and other misc. items, packed away the balance on Christmas crap (don’t judge), got a box ready to take down to the garage, purged my vases collection (Todd is a master at sending me just the right flowers, but the subsequent vase collection is overwhelming), attacked the desk cabinetry with a vengeance and still managed to be in the car one minute prior to departure time. Holy crap.

Suki seems to get nervous when I spend too long working in the guest room. So she watches me like a hawk. I always remind her that she’s coming with us wherever we go and that our next move will have a big yard for her to play in. Leo couldn’t really care less.

At any rate, I did some serious purging this morning and fully intend to do more when we get home from camping on Sunday.


Oh and if you know anyone that might be interested in buying my old car, please pass along my information.

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