Now that things are slowing down…

I can actually make an attempt to catch up on life. SUPER!

Not that much has really been going on in the last few weeks. I’ve been über-stressed because of work. It’s the nature of the beast really. Seasonal stuff is absolute madness. I can’t keep numbers straight, I have found it hard to sleep and thus stay awake, and I can do little more than watch trash television while trying to distract myself from eating trash food.

Fortunately, school has ended for the semester and the madness of work is starting to calm down just enough that I don’t wish for a bullet to meet my head every day. So that’s good news!

I’m already ready for another break though. We’re going to Seattle for my sister’s graduation in June and we’re very very excited about that. Four days away from Denver will be a relief and being able to celebrate one of the biggest accomplishments in my sisters life, thus far, will be extraordinary! She’s worked so hard the last two years on her graduate degree…she’s gone through a lot and too much and it’s all finally coming to a head. She’ll be DONE! It’s very exciting, to say the least!

After that, we have to wait until August for our next big adventure when we hop a ship to Alaska. It’s too far away to think about right now, so I digress.

Todd and I are (quite literally) running our asses off lately in preparation for the Bolder Boulder. I shaved 2mins off my time the other night and Todd shaved another minute off last night. I intend to do the same tonight. All I know is that I MUST be able to sprint the last 1/4 mile of the race, through the stadium. So that’s the goal for tonight’s workout (even if I have to do it inside because of all the damn fog and cold)…70mins of running with at least 1min of sprinting at the end. And that had better cover 6.2miles…or else.

In other, highly unanticipated, very random news: Todd and I are considering buying our first house. With the first-time home buyer’s credit of $8000, it’s insane not to look. We just need to chat with some lenders, realtors and our parents (for the advice factor) and see what we come up with. It would be nice to have our own place, but that does come with it’s own set of (occasionally very expensive) issues. I’d love for the pups to have their own yard, for one. I’d also like to come “home” to my wonderful husband and our two adorable pups and not have to fight for parking spaces or be annoyed by rude smokers in the breezeways or trashy teenagers at the pool. There are pros and cons to each situation, I know. It’s just something we’re tossing around.

4 thoughts on “Now that things are slowing down…

  1. Finally you have some time off! Bake a lot! :o)
    Yay for home hopes! And the $8,000 credit! And the low interest rates! I just wrote a blog about our home ownership goals… it’s not posted yet b/c Phill needs to add his 2 cents and he’s studying. We’ll post it soon.
    My word verification is “shnit”… no joke. Hilarious!

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