Weighing in…

I’m feeling lighter today. Literally and figuratively.

The Britney Mission is in full-swing, Jillian Michaels is making attempts to kill me and I’m finding myself eating more and more vegetarian meals as the days pass.

I blew through the last barrier and am well on my way to breaking through the next one. I feel good in my clothes and that makes me happy. I have this one pair of pants that I keep around for just such occasions as this. I’ve only worn these slacks maybe half a dozen times and every so often, I’ll pull them on just to see what the current prognosis is. They still don’t fit, but part of that is because of the J-Lo booty I’m carrying around (and don’t intend to get rid of…hahaha!)…

Emotionally, school is a refreshing change for me. Five weeks off from learning, while relaxing, can also be somewhat draining. Two history classes this semester and that’s incredibly exciting for me…I can’t wait to learn and learn and learn! Upper division courses are a welcome challenge…last semester was painful with all my freshman level courses. I’m ready for a big challenge and I think that I’m up for it.

Todd brought me flowers last night and they’re cheery and perfect. My personal favorite is roses, but as those are quite pricy, when he gets me flowers on a whim, he typically gets these other little fluttery things that look like tiny lilies (I cannot remember their official name right now) that are just…happy flowers.

Plus, I have a lovely picture of cherry blossoms in Kyoto on my computer desktop and that’s just making me giddy…for Spring, of course, but mostly for visiting Japan in just under nine weeks…yikes! I can’t wait to ride a bike through orchards and take my own pictures of the blossoms…and I’ll be sure to take the fricking date stamp off of the camera this time haha!

One thought on “Weighing in…

  1. nice. glad things are going well! and yay for flowers on a whim! (c: (i think that’s the only reason to give flowers)i’m looking forward to seeing the amazing pics from japan. i’m quite jealous, you know. (c;

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