Make it happen…

So I got this new daily desk calendar the other day…I love calendar sales! Anyway, January 2 asked several questions, most of which are worth answering, so I thought I would.

What makes me feel alive?
Easy. Learning and traveling. I started classes again yesterday and only have one that’s actually on-campus. My professor is engaging and INCREDIBLY smart and I’m so excited about what I’m going to learn in this class. My other two classes are online and I’m equally as excited about what the next 15 weeks are going to hold. And if you know me but at all, you know that I live for traveling. I want to see everything, experience every culture, eat food from everywhere and basically just try to understand all that I can about the rest of the world. THAT is what makes me feel alive.

What makes me thrive?
Sleep, for one. I require more of it than I get, but what little I do get helps me through the days, weeks, even hours. Reading makes me thrive. It spurs my desire for knowledge and makes me want to become better. Being with people and then being alone equally are important. I require extensive amounts of time from both situations and have to be careful to do each in the appropriate manner. I’ve struggled with complicating my schedule for as long as I can remember and having Todd in my life has forced me to slow down and say “no”…and know that it’s okay to do that.

What makes my mouth water?
Eggs benedict, smothered burritos (breakfast or otherwise), tofu & curry and most importantly, PIZZA. Honestly, I just love to eat. I love the try new things (as long as there’s not mushrooms in it). Portion distortion is a big issue for me and I have to try VERY hard to not eat 4 slices of pizza. But, as someone once said to me, nothing tastes as good as thin feels….and that helps. But dammit I still love food! Date night is always exciting for me because Todd and I usually wind up somewhere we’ve never been and get to try something fabulous…that, and enjoying dinner with Todd is just a really good time.

What do I really want from my life?
Simplicity, joy and peace. I want to own less stuff, to start. I have so much random crap and the clutter in my home tends to clutter my brain. I don’t like that. Joy and Peace, I think, are hard to come by, but working hard to get them isn’t a worthless venture. There are so many other components to all three of those things, but when I boil it all down, those are really the things I want out of life.

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