Who is Barack Obama?

The last couple days have been pretty heavy around here. Cyber-space, I mean. I’ve been involved in a few different discussions regarding the recent election and they’ve gotten incredibly long and drawn out and occasionally feisty. Not that I mind any of it.

The country is changing, there’s no doubt about that. And I’m quite looking forward to what is going to happen and what could happen. Whatever happens though, it’s going to be different from we’ve been doing for the last little while. That’s not good or bad. It just is.

And I think that’s what’s giving me this excruciating headache since Tuesday.

All the non-stop bickering about what has happened or what people perceive is going to happen.

The fact of the matter is that Tuesday, Election Day, has come and gone and what’s done is done. Barack Obama is going to be our new president come January 20th (Inaguration Party anyone?) and really there’s nothing that anyone can do to stop that now. The ballots have been cast and counted, the electoral votes have been dealt to their rightful owners and Barack Obama is it.

I’m just kind of over all the constant yammering, bickering, bitching and whining about the results. This is absolutely no reflection on the blogs that I’ve been reading and commenting on lately, but rather on the hateful and disrespectful things I keep reading on Facebook and hearing on the television.

Maybe I’m petty. Maybe I’m not smart enough for heated political discussions. Maybe a lot of things.
But right now, since it’s the Obama’s that are going to be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and I have made my peace with that, I’m more interested in other things.

Things like what kind of puppy Sasha and Malia are going to get.
What is Michelle going to wear to the Inagural Ball?
What kind of china is the new family going to choose?
Who will be the new Secretary of State? The Press Secretary?
And because I live for all things Christmas, how is the House going to be decorated next year for the holidays?
Is Barack’s jump shot really as good as “they” claim it is?

I know that a lot of that is trivial, but that’s what I’m more interested in right now.
I’ve been so personally invested in this election that I feel like I have some kind of personal attachment to this fabulous new family. And I want to get to know them, just like so many other Americans out there.

2 thoughts on “Who is Barack Obama?

  1. I also loved her dress! I think that she has consistently dressed appropriately for her age, but also with some amount of flair that showcases her fire and energy…I think Cindy McCain is a gorgeous woman, but some of her suits just made her look a little boxy and weird. I wished they’d have spent as much on HER as they allegedly did on Palin! I agree with you about the talking heads. And I’m sure it happened on both sides of …. everything. What a weird election this was, honestly. I can’t remember ever hearing such fear-mongering in the past. Maybe I just wasn’t as invested in the other elections like I was with this one. And no apologies necessary…that’s the beauty of the election process, really. The arguing back and forth. As long as it doesn’t get nasty, I’m okay with it :o)

  2. Can I just say, I LOVED Michelle’s dress on election night. I WANT one! I know a lot of people didn’t like it, but I really did. And, when I was younger I wanted a daughter named Malia. They have good taste in at least a few things 😀I’m over the drama too. I wish the GOP wasn’t so into fear mongering to get people to vote the way they want. I’m not talking about McCain himself, necessarily, but people like Rush Limbaugh and his cronies. MEH. Which, reminds me. I feel like I owe you and Todd an apology, because in your blog about politics that I commented on. A lot of that had been brought on by buying into that fear. I feel lame. So, there you have it. I’m sorry. Hoping other people who voted for McCain will jump on the band wagon that he started and let Obama be their president.

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