Yes, we did!

Last night, we went to an election party at Karla and Phill’s place, complete with some Chicago-style goodies (butter cookies, pizza and PBR) and spent more than 3 hours watching the races and the talking heads.

We’ve all worked pretty hard in the last year or so not only to get our candidate elected, but to educate ourselves and make sure that we felt he was, FOR SURE, the candidate for us. Never have I felt so sure about the decision that I made. Granted, this is only my third presidential election, but this one took a special place in my heart.

I am proud of America this morning.

At one point in the evening, we got sick of the talking heads and opted for “Indecision 08” with Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. Good grief those guys are absolutely HILARIOUS. I watched them during the Bush-Kerry race and was just dying laughing.

Anyway, at one point in the evening, Jon Stewart announced that, by CNNs predictions, Barack Obama had just become the President -Elect of the United States.

I nearly started crying.

Shortly after that, Sen. McCain gave his concession speech out there in Arizona. It was gracious and impressive and I imagine very difficult. I believe that McCain worked very hard and he had (has) supporters that are just as passionate as any Obama supporter.

The question has been raised: What if your candidate DIDN’T win?

Honestly, that was something that I thought pretty heavily about. It was always a possibility. I mean, it IS an election so things can go any direction at any time. So yeah, I considered that. I have long stated that if McCain was who I believe would be the best choice, I’d have voted for him. I educated myself on BOTH candidates so I feel that I did make the right choice for ME. And on the same token, had McCain won and NOT been my choice, he would have my full support.


Because this man is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

I should hope that people this morning feel the same way about Obama having won.

The man deserves our respect and our support.

And don’t forget that last night, Americans both made and changed history.

It’s a big deal.

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