The price of coffee in Colombia….

I’m trying really hard to understand the RNC right now.

I’m watching all the speeches with as much fervor as I did the DNC. In order to make educated, informed decisions, I feel it’s more than necessary that I do.

But all the speeches have been about McCain’s military trauma and I’m trying to understand why they’re only telling me about THAT and not about any of his policies or ideas.

I also would love to know why there’s such grand and glorious hypocrisy regarding Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. Isn’t it funny that Bill O’Reilly took Jamie Lynn Spears and ran her through the ringer, tearing her (and her family) up one side and down the other, and yet with Bristol Palin (equally as young and irresponsible) is “off limits”? Why?

And then there’s the whole “we never did this to Chelsea Clinton” line, which is a load of crap.

Frankly, I’m with Obama on this one (and on many other things)….let’s go ahead and leave the kids out of this whole politics thing. It’s not fair. They’re easy targets. And really…name me one family that doesn’t have something really jacked up going on…

Let’s focus instead on the real issues….policies, procedures and political history….Sarah Palin’s is one to be reconned with. And not in the best ways.

4 thoughts on “The price of coffee in Colombia….

  1. We’re going to have to agree to disagree on our candidate of choice, I’m ok with it if you are 🙂I think that McCain is a little more moderate than most conservatives like. So, a lot of the building of McCain that the others did, was republican talk for why he’s a good republican. You know how conservatives eat the war hero thing up…Though, with two brothers who just returned from Iraq, I have to say, I do think that it speaks to his character that he chose to stay because he was not the first captured, and all that. But, we all know the story, and probably don’t need to hear it anymore. I was pretty impressed with his speeck though. I think it’s hard to seperate the truth from what they want you the hear at the NCs, and on the media, and everywhere else for that matter. I wonder how we ever really find out the truth about any of the candidates?As far as Bristol Palin, the conservatives are playing it way cooler than they would like to. I do think that it’s easier to jump on Jamie Lynn Spears because she herself was in the public eye especially of younger children. Making it look ok or even fun to have a baby so young. Bristol, on the other hand, just got thrown into it. Politics are so yucky!

  2. Did we really hear anything about Palin’s policies and procedures last night. Besides her being a pitbull hockey mom?She didn’t talk about being pro-life, while also cutting the funds to help teenage mothers. She didn’t walk about how her home town is basically a giant METH lab. She lied about her support of the Bridge to Nowhere. And the biggest insult: she made fun of us… Obama’s followers. I love Todd’s idea… calling the McCain campaign Pro-Poverty and Pro-War.

  3. Well said, my love. Republican fangs are dripping with venom but they wear the masks of the innocent when accused of hypocrisy. Instead of calling them Pro-Life, I want to start calling Palin and her ilk Pro-Poverty and Pro-War, both of which are in opposition to this “life” concept they believe in so much. Every time Palin or McCane (ha ha) says the word “peace” I want to scream.I’m glad you and Karla are able to articulate your thoughts so well about this topic… like the “evolution” thing, I think it might be a bit longer before I can form a coherent blog entry while holding back the urge to tear my hair out.

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