Eureka! Again! I have a new vacuum!

Oh man.
I bought a new vacuum at lunch today and it. is. a. ma. zing.
It’s *almost* as good as the Dyson that I really want, but was only $75 rather than $400. I’ll take it!

I got it home, put it together and used the crap out of it! Gross as it may be, you’d be SHOCKED at how much dog hair and miscellaneous nasty that sucker…sucked. It’s the greatest vacuum I’ve ever had.

I mostly hate, abhor and loathe housework (which should be shocking to none and disappointing to Todd haha)*, but having this wonderful new vacuum makes me want to clean clean clean! If only I had more carpet in the house!!

I also managed to pack up one entire set of dishes, two-thirds of our glasses and most of our service-ware this evening and it was glorious! I think the Suk-ster was a little confused when I was packing up the kitchen…she kept pacing about around me and looking at me like I was totally nuts. Poor puppy! Oh well…at least I can rest assured that she will love her new house a whole bunch!…as soon as we can get her up 3 flights of stairs. She hates stairs…but she loves TREATS! This is going to be so easy. She’s a smart one, but man is she a sucker for treats.

Anyway, I love my new vacuum.

Now back to watching the RNC.

*The truth is, if I had more time in my day, I’d clean like a crazy-head.

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