This ain’t your mama’s Cracker Jack prize….

Sometimes Todd and I buy each other surprises and refer to them as “prizes”.
Typically, they’re small things…less than $10 or so.

I got Todd a prize yesterday. A t-shirt with a SuperMarioBros mushroom on it that says “1up” underneath it. I have honestly been eyeing that shirt for 6 months (or longer) waiting to see it in his size (it was always only available in XXXXXXXL or something stupid like that). Yesterday I found the size M and go it. He was excited…and wore the shirt today.

Todd was GOING to get me a prize the other day, but it’s probably best that he didn’t.
“Why wouldn’t you want a prize?!”, you ask incredulously…

Because he was going to buy me a top-of-the-line new laptop.

I wouldn’t have complained. Probably just been thankful and aghast wondering how we were going to pay for it. HA!

But in a few months, I’ll get a prize.

Also, raise and promotion went through, evidently.

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