Wow. In keeping with the theme, this presidential election is coming out with some of the most bullshit ads. This one tops them all.

It’s just a ridiculous ad.
I don’t care if you do or do not support Obama. I don’t care who you’re voting for.
This isn’t about that.

I fricking hate bullshit ads.
I hate political ads, in general….just ask Todd about the Wil Armstrong ad I keep hating (and he’s a business man…more of whom I think should be involved in politics…and NOT just in a “funding” capacity)…

4 thoughts on “PINK! SPARKLY! FUN!

  1. Ok, so Mccain said he wouldn’t fight dirty. Big fat liar! But then again, I’m getting angry that Obama isn’t FIGHTING BACK! C’mon Obama… smack him back! Obviously Mccain is just ticked that he can’t draw a crowd that big. I think that’s it. I was going to post a blog about this same thing… but I didn’t want to get my parents started… still might though.

  2. i feel like the big problem (or one of many, really) is that the ads seem to spend so much time bashing on the other candidate(s) that they don’t take any time or resources to let us know what THEIR platforms are. if the candidates would spend as much money and time explaining their platforms as they do bashing each other, it would be a lot easier to wade through all the bullshit.

  3. Mccain keeps talking and all I hear is “blah blah blah blah.” This ad is total nonsense and so full of buzzwords that I’m shocked more people don’t wake up and realize they’re being marketed to.

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