Just a little insight into me…

I “have” to write about Canada for my writing class this summer. So far, I’ve had to do a few poems, some scenes and a couple “grammar B” exercises. Here are the poems…Todd wrote the last one for me (he’s so good at this game)…question the work at will.

I love Canada.

City by the Sea

Mist rises up like ghosts of the past
Ships come and go
carrying delicate freight
Memories ebb and flow but
whose memories are they?
Cappuccinos and white rhinos
Bridges and winding streets
Rushing gold brings rails of steel
Making its way up from somewhere below
Ocean sounds like storytellers
awakening to bring tales to life
Lost in currents, weary travelers
come from far and wide
To find new chances,
Daring adventures,

The Other Side of Banff

So very rarely something reaches out
Finds a place in your heart
Making it easy to believe in….

Her majesty rising up from the blue,
Sapphire waters
Her evergreen subjects bowing,
Bending in her breath.

Whispers of forever finding ways
Through young hearts
Into curious minds wondering
What might be next.

The deepest blues like her eyes
Holding mysteries of
What came before and
What lies ahead

Tiny veils of water spilling
Into the azure below
Foretell the stories of what is
Yet to come…

Little Brother

New York City
‘s little brother
just a few miles away
With the sights, smells and sounds
The same feeling of downtown
The PM stirs the melting pot
but Customs remains a chore
Bring your passport and cash
Have some late-night dessert
after your choice of ethnic repast
Hockey lives here, a legitimate son
And you might spy an RCMP
guarding the city’s tallest spear
While the golden maple leaves sway
in the wind of spring.

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