Adventures in Roadtripping…

Good grief. It’s been a looooooooooong time since I’ve written anything. Things have been incredibly busy, both at work and at home. We just got back from a long weekend in SLC visting Todd’s side of the family. It was nice to see Seth and Kerrie again. I totally dig them. It is both a blessing and a curse that they live all the way out in California. Blessing, because who DOESN’T want to visit northern Cali?! Curse, because DAMN is it a long drive/expensive flight to get there. We’re planning on doing Christmas in California in the next year or two. I think that will be smashing! Anyway, I also got to meet one of Todd’s aunt/uncle combinations. Ralph & Kaye (I think it’s with an “e”, if I remember addressing that wedding invitation correctly). What a fabulously interesting couple! Ralph told many many stories of growing up and getting to where he is now. It was really interesting…inspiring, in fact. We brought the weirdos (Leo & Suki) to SLC with us and they went totally nuts getting spoiled by their “grandparents”…Todd’s folks fell in love with our pups. So much so that they’re thinking of getting one…a Suki sized/behaved one hahaha! Todd and I started calling our pups the “barking grandkids” tee hee hee! It was fun to watch them play with Dwight & Vera…and both dogs were surprisingly well behaved. They usually are good dogs, but sometimes they go a little nuts in new places…they’re VERY excitable!

The only hiccup in the whole trip happened about a block from Todd’s parents house, on our way back on on Sunday. We made sure NOT to feed the dogs before we left for either leg of the trip, lest they puke (or other icky things) in the car. They both did GREAT all the way to SLC and we only had to make 2 puppy stops. Though admittedly, they were both a little pissed off at us for not letting them eat all day (hahaha!). But on the way back to Denver, we had just turned on to 3100 West when Suki started lurching. Oh dear. Then it happened. Radioactive green puke, complete with full blades of grass. Stupid dog ate grass before we left. It was HILARIOUS! But other than that, no incidents the rest of the way. Now we call her “Pukey Suki”…

And I’m looking forward to the next time we can roadtrip with our “kids”….

One thought on “Adventures in Roadtripping…

  1. glad you guys had fun……uncle ralph is the best! he has the ultimate stories – pukey suki………….LOVE IT. avery is SO into dogs. she says DOGGIE everytime we are outside….and of course everytime she sees or hears one…we’ve even got her almost saying horsie… that she can HEAR she can figure out how to say all these lovely sounds that probably all sounded the same before…..anyhooo glad you survived another trip across the wilderness –

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