Lest we forget…..

I have somewhat of an obsession with learning about World War II. I’m not sure why. I think it has a lot to do with the Nazi atrocities. My heart breaks when I hear, read or listen to stories. I took a sociology class a few semesters ago. My professor was Jewish, mercifully living in NYC during all the horrors that befell so many Europeans during that time. His friend…not so lucky. He survived a concentration camp. Hearing his story was gut-wrenching. I walked away from that class a bit numb. Just from all the information.

Someone had once asked this man if he ever wanted to “get back at Hitler.” His response made me immediately begin crying.

He said, “My children, my grandchildren…that is how I get back at Hitler.”

On April 29, 1945, US Troops liberated the Dachau prisoners.

This is not a plug for the US military (although they are brave people and do many great things).

It’s a redeeming day in history. A sad and happy day.

2 thoughts on “Lest we forget…..

  1. that is SO exciting!you are clearly a passionate teacher, not just about book-learnin’, but about educating your students about the world at large. this is what will make you a legendary educator…we need more people like you working over young minds and expanding them to beyond themselves. we all knew you’d be a champ at this!

  2. I am teaching WWII supplemented with an amazing historical fiction novel called, “The Devil’s Arithmetic.” I don’t want to get into a long explanation about what were doing in class, let’s just say we’re discussing prejudice and how we can make a change. It is amazing to see new minds take in the atrocities of WWII and how they react once they have started to process all of the heavy information. New found empathy is amazing to see in selfish middle schoolers. My students are furious, but feeling helpless. We have started a project regarding Darfur. They wanted to help…we showed them a current genocide. They are all over it and ready to help! These students make me weep with joy…lovemaura

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