This may come as a surprise….

but I’m tragically “Type A“.

I am often disappointed in myself for the smallest dumbest things. Things like forgetting to bring a stamp with me to the post office. Or forgetting to send the check with the contract. Or not calling ahead to find out when (or even IF) the store is open.

I stress out incessantly over the smallest dumbest things. Things like misplacing my camera. Or fuming about why the Dryer Elf has chosen AGAIN to steal my socks and not Todd’s. Or my laptop not working as quickly as I’d like.

I’m incredibly hard on myself, especially when it comes to school. Hey, if you’ve ever worked full-time while maintaining a 3.80 GPA or better, you’d be hard on yourself too if that GPA ever fell below that. I made the Honor Roll. I intend to graduate – eventually – with honors. I don’t let work interfere with school. I don’t let school interfere with work. It’s a very tricky and unpleasant balancing act.

I’m a tireless perfectionist.
Sometimes to my husband’s chagrin.
But we balance each other out well.
When I start stressing out, he finds ways to either make me laugh or calm me down (if he could tell me a joke while rubbing my feet, this would be ideal).
When I’m too hard on myself, he reminds me of all the things that I’ve done that are notable.
When I disappoint myself with silly things, he helps me remember that in the grand scheme, forgetting to turn on my “out of office assistant” isn’t going to cause anyone’s imminent death.

And I remind him that being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap or not having fun…it means planning ahead.
I remind him that my perfectionist attitude is what often allows me to be able to plan for said future.
And that sometimes, it’s the littlest things that do in fact matter the most.

We do well together.

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