We did it!!!!

Okay, it’s taken forever, but I’ve finally rescued some pictures from the depths of my SDCard…and here are the ones from Todd’s very first foray into skiing. He did splendidly and I’m excited to go with him again in a few days!!

Todd was in a lesson for the first half of the day, so the scenery pictures are ones that I took from the top of the mountain when I was skiing alone. Admittedly, it was probably one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever done. I have never skied alone before and it was rather refreshing to take things at my own pace, ski whatever trails I wanted and enjoy the memories that popped up along the way.

Todd and I skied together for a few hours after lunch and he did surprisingly well! He was maneuvering some turns pretty nicely and has mastered the art of falling down and getting back up again (I’m so scare of falling that I can’t actually remember the last time I did).

It was a treat to get to enjoy one of my favorite childhood pastimes with my husband and I’m so glad that he enjoyed it…we’re going again this weekend with some friends who are practically pros…it should be interesting. Pictures to follow, for certain!!

8 thoughts on “We did it!!!!

  1. HA! Of <>course<> I have tattoos! I’m “rebellious!”And like Micah says, go for it Princesse. Find a good artist and don’t get one close to a bone! Tattoos are the awesome!!! Everybody’s doing it!

  2. I totally biffed it my first time off the lift… so that was tough, but rebounded and didn’t fall coming off of it again all day! I just can’t properly perform when I have people yelling at me hahaha.And at least we have proof that I, at one time, HAD fresh sweet new goggles and not some trade that miscellaneous loser person left at the bar after ganking mine!!!

  3. awwww way past super cute! i can’t even imagine todd skiing and now i don’t have to! i can look at the pics for actual proof that he wasn’t on his butt the entire time! hehee…..you guys look so cute in your ski stuff!

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