On finding a new career….

The question was posed some weeks ago: If money wasn’t a concern, what would you want to do for a career? 
My answer: All of the things. 
There are just so many things I want to do and learn and experience. My first idea was to be a professional student. If I could get paid to just go to school and get degrees and learn things, I’d be a pretty happy girl. But then, what kinds of things? 
I really want to learn languages. Spanish, French, Arabic, and Japanese are on the top of my list (for now). My heart beats in a lot of languages…I wish I could speak all of them. I feel like a lot of the world’s problems stem largely from a lack of communication, a lack of understanding. Or maybe even an unwillingness to understand. I would just like to talk with people, on their level, in their language. I watch people’s eyes light up when my brother recognizes their dialect of Spanish and starts talking to them. I also remember how relieved I was when I was lost in Japan and someone just talked to me in English. There’s something really lovely about hearing another culture speak your language. The art of communication is something special indeed.

I’d also really like to spend all my time learning to dance. To just be twirled around a dance floor for hours upon hours every day would make so many of my dreams come true. I love dancing. I love the music, the expressions, the pictures. I love the technique and the history and knowing which forms belong specifically to which style. I want to listen to Frank Sinatra and dance the foxtrot all the live long day. I want to go to salsa in Brazil and know that I don’t look like a crazy person.

The lazy person in me (and she comes out with a great deal of force from time to time) wants to get paid to sit around and watch movies and TV all day. I have terabytes worth of movies I have yet to watch. **As an aside, I find it hilarious that I now talk about the amount of music and movies I have in terms of digital storage and not in terms of CD books or shelves.** I’ve been wanting to watch all the Best Picture winners for a long time. I’ve probably seen a few and don’t know it. But I want to make a point of watching that which was deemed “The Best” by some arbitrary group of filmmakers and critics (or whatever).

Then there’s cooking and baking. I’ve actually semi-seriously looked into going to culinary school. Then I quickly remember I barely know how to handle a chef’s knife. But I would love to know how to cook like Julia Child or Gordon Ramsey or Giada or even Rachael Ray (with her blasted EVOO!). I just want to know how make delicious things all on my own. Now, I know that much of cooking (even baking, to a certain degree) is a lot of guess work, making stuff up, and trying to re-create flavors you’ve had in the past. But there are essentials that I want to know. I want to understand the chemistry behind why some things work and other things won’t. I want to understand cooking at the most basic level so that I can move beyond that into the complicated (and delicious)! Just don’t ever ask me to make a deconstructed salad. I’ll just give you five bucks and send you to Whole Foods. Bam! Deconstruction at it’s finest!

And much like learning languages, I’d love to get paid to travel. Honestly, this is probably the most desirable option. To wander about the world, experiencing all the cultures, eating all the foods, seeing all the history…and then to write about it. That would be the most ideal existence for me. It really combines all the things I love: travel, reading, writing, and eating. And maybe some dancing thrown in for good (and hysterical) measures. It’s like an “Eat, Pray, Love” thing, but without the depression and anxiety at the beginning. Yeah, I’m sure I could get used to that.

Oh, and yoga. Can’t forget the yoga. I don’t think I ever want to be an instructor, but I would like to bring a mat with me wherever I go and find my spiritual center in whatever country I’m in.

So much of the world has so much to offer…we just have to be willing to take it in, without judgment, without pre-existing notions, without fear.

This is what I really want to learn through all of the aforementioned ideas: to live life without reservation.

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