On preparing for what’s coming up….

I think there are plenty of lessons that can be learned when looking back on a year lived. It’s natural (at least, I hope it is) to want to learn from our past and our mistakes and our accomplishments. For me, it’s hard to define the things that I learn in a year (unless I’ve been in school and then I can tell you pretty concretely what I’ve learned) so I end up reading about it from other people.

There’s this woman whose life story is pretty incredible and now she’s a wildly successful business owner who travels the world doing her thang. Recently, she posted a couple Top Ten Lists of lessons she learned during the course of 2011. So without further adieu, please click below and learn “Lewd Life Lessons” from ash Ambirdge (fair warning: She did title them LEWD, so don’t be surprised):

Lewd Lessons #1
Lewd(er) Lessons #2

Beyond the funny, some of those things really do ring true. I mean, who among us doesn’t need to be told that, hey, when you’re tired, there’s a reason! You should probably pay attention to that. At least, I know I should. It happened to me today, actually. Five hours of sleep does not a productive or accurate employee make. And I effed away my day in some pretty huge ways. Dammit.

But then there was this piece that I read by my best friend who has a way with words that I rarely see. And she reminded me that the “even more” in our lives is what we should be searching for. We are often meant for more than we give ourselves credit for or allow ourselves to be.

So that’s what I’ve gleaned from 2011. Take some naps and be prepared for what’s to come.

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