I haven’t won very many awards in my life. Most of the ones I have gotten were from high school. Some were awesome and some were just plain weird. There was the National School Choral Award (or something) which was a super huge deal and I cried when I won it. Then there was the one I got for going to same school for 14 years. Kind of weird. There were four of us that got the same award at our high school graduation. I got one for being the “Most Improved Student” and to this day, I have no idea why I got that award considering my grades were abysmal at best my senior year. I got nominated to NHS, which is pretty big deal…managed to do that in high school and in college.
But one of the best awards I’ve ever gotten, I got about a month ago, along with all of my amazing co-workers. It’s called the “Cal Bears Teamwork” award and we won it for generally being awesome. There’s something really special about being nominated for an award by your peers and superiors. Knowing that someone else thinks our entire little group is that good at what we do is empowering. We all love what we do. Our clients are great, our teams are fun and diverse, and on any given day we’re all really happy coming in and doing our jobs. But it’s also nice, from time to time, to have your work recognized and, well, appreciated. It feels really good knowing that someone else sees what you do and wants to commend you for it. Now, granted, I’ve only been at this job for just over four months, so my co-workers definitely deserved the award way more than I did, but it still felt really fantastic to be part of such a great team that day. It feels great to be a part of this every day, frankly.

Yes, that’s an award. Yes, that’s a cowbell.
And to quote my co-worker who won another award the same night: “It’s easy to be this kind of employee when you work with people who already think that you are.”

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