On the joys of losing….

I like to play games.
Scratch that. I LOVE to play games. Growing up, my siblings and I could spend hours playing either Trouble or Monopoly. We were those kids that would save the Monopoly board under the couch and keep coming back to the same game for at least a week. We were champion Tag players, too…two acres of backyard made for some crazy games of Tag, there’s no doubt about that. It also wore us out in a hurry, something I’m sure my parents appreciated.
My family has always loved playing games together. For the last several years, the game of choice has been Phase 10, which has recently become more of a joke than anything. My parents take that game with them everywhere. I’m not exaggerating. Boston? Check. Jordan? Yup. The Vancouver Olympics? Absolutely.
I’ve never really cared whether I win or lose at games. I’d way rather just be having fun with my friends and family. It’s just not in my nature to be uber-competitive. Games, for me, are always about having fun and nothing more (unless it’s air hockey…then I get a little crazy). Fortunately, most of the games I love to play involve just that…having fun. Fun with WORDS!
My favorite games, without question, are Catchphrase and Taboo. I could honestly spend hours playing either of them. But really, I’m not even sure it’s the fact that both are word games that makes me love them so much. I think it’s really that every time I play either of them, I end up laughing to the point of snorting and/or not breathing. See, I have crazy-smart friends and family. And as smart as they are, they’re even funnier. I mean, what other group would be able to get someone to say EMBARGO by using the hints “It’s a bigger word for ‘hug'” and “It’s a long, flat boat.” Seriously. That happened (though I wasn’t there for it and just heard the story later, but still…that’s pretty standard fare).
Games are just that to me…games. Sure it’s fun to win. Everyone likes to win at games from time to time. But honestly, if I never won another game again, I probably just wouldn’t care…so long as I could still keep playing games.

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