On states of mind and being….

I am a firm believer in the Sacred Space.
I think we all need one.
A place to be at peace. A place to be alone with thoughts and feelings, no matter what they are.
For a long time, I’ve always considered the Sacred Space to be somewhere in my house. I love setting up the bedroom to be a place of ease and contentment. Somewhere I can go to release and relax. A place that’s calm, void of noise, clutter, distraction…unless I decide to put any of that in my Space. I’m a big fan of using natural light, colors, and candles to help move along my Space. Art often helps.
I wonder, though, what someone else thinks of when I say “Sacred Space.” After all, it’s a place in the world that’s supposed to induce not happiness, but joy; not contentment, but peace. I have a lot of friends that would much prefer to be outside than inside, so creating a Space inside probably doesn’t make any sense. Maybe it’s an early morning walk on a beach, with no one else around, simply enjoying a beautiful sunrise and smiling to yourself for no reason other than it’s a good morning. Maybe it’s a hike though those gorgeous Rocky Mountains, quieting one’s thoughts for long enough to hear nature’s symphony. Maybe it’s a walk to the park across the street, sitting in fresh grass, reading a book and listening to the sounds of frisbee and volleyball.
And Sacred Spaces, they’re allowed to evolve. They should change. I don’t know what her Sacred Space used to be, but I’d place bets that my best friend’s current Space (or one of them, anyway) is the lack of distance between her and her nursing son. No matter where she is or how she’s feeling, there is a peace that falls over her, watching that sweet boy take hold of her.
Maybe a Sacred Space isn’t so much a physical place as it is a state of being. There’s a deep sense of calm when I wake up in the morning, feeling rested and alive. Nothing quite compares to that. There is a sacredness in feeling accomplishment, in knowing you survived something, in watching something you created come to life (music, art, babies, whatever).
So my Sacred Space will probably continue to be my bedroom, but it’s probably worth trying out some different Spaces from time to time.
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