On the over-use of vocabulary…

For as much as I love words, there are definitely phrases and words that I tend to use rather frequently. I might even over-use them. The two phrases that come to mind are:
“No worries!” and
“Thank you!” (which often goes hand-in-hand with “No, but thank you for asking!”)
The “No worries” thing came from when I was living in Canada. It was just a common phrase that I picked up. Other lingo from that time in my life that still sticks around are “A-boat” (which most Americans pronouce “about”), “bunny hug” (Canadian for “hoodie”), and “touque” (Canadian for “knit wool ski cap”…the Canadian version is just more efficient, if you ask me). “No worries” stuck around for various reasons, but the biggest one is that I never want someone to think they’re inconveniencing me. I’m a master planner and with that comes a great ability to cancel, re-schedule, re-organize, generally work things out. So it really isn’t ever a huge deal to me. Really…it’s no worries. Simply stated: doing something for someone else isn’t causing me great stress (if it did, I wouldn’t do it) and having to re-work my schedule, also not a huge deal.
I have also been told, many times, that I tend to over-thank…especially at restaurants. I guess I always just want people to know that I genuinely appreciate the work they do. I hate when I do something for someone and I don’t even get a simple “Thanks.” I mean, honestly: how hard is it to say “Thank you”? It’s not. I promise. Yes, at restaurants, servers are simply doing their jobs by clearing my dishes and filling my drinks, but c’mon. It can be a pretty thankless job…that, and they’re basically being forced to act like dancing monkeys for a tip. If even one thing goes awry, they can sometimes kiss a decent tip goodbye. Sometimes I think that’s really crappy; other times, I think, “Well, it’s not like it was a secret what they were getting themselves into.” So I try to at least make sure they know that I appreciate their help and work. And it’s not just at restaurants. It’s anywhere, anytime someone does something for me. It just feels like the decent thing to do, thanking them.
But outside of the phrases that I tend to over-use, there are plenty of words out there that are among my favorites:
Antidisestablishmentarianism (which I don’t get to use nearly as much as I’d like to)
This list could get really long, really quickly….

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