On doing what comes naturally….

I have a good friend that runs a really fantastic blog about her adventures in home ownership. She and her husband are wildly talented at building and decorating so seeing their home and it’s progress is simultaneously motivating and jealousy-inducing (in only the best ways). More often than not, she does something to her house and I respond with, “That’s what I wanted to do, but didn’t know how!” which makes me laugh. I find it entertaining that I can have these ideas in my head, but can never get them out into reality. My favorite thing she’s done so far (of the umpteen things they’ve done to their house in the 12 months they’ve owned it) is the giant mirror over the fireplace. I’ve always wanted to do that, but couldn’t ever figure out if it would look right. Turns out, it’s beautiful! So, if she doesn’t mind, I might end up “stealing” that idea.

None of that is really what this is about.

What I find so wonderful about her blog is that she’s found a way to pour her expertise into something she truly loves and enjoys. I get the feeling that she likes her job (which is interior design, but on a much larger scale than homes), but she thrives, really comes alive, when she’s working on her home. We should all be so lucky to have that combination: skill and passion (and get paid for it, to boot!). So often, it seems like what we’re passionate about isn’t always what we’re skilled at…and vice versa. I’m good at customer service and paperwork, but I get exhausted by it quickly. I love decorating and making things pretty, but I kind of suck at it. I do, however, love food and am VERY good at eating it. Too bad I can’t get a job doing that! I digress.

I think this might be the time in my life when I find a hobby that I’m either good at or can become good at. I want to start with making my house a home. We’ve lived there for about eight months and in that time, I’ve just been too busy with other (somewhat more important) things to really make that place “homey.” I’m ready for it to feel like we really live and belong there.

Whatever I end up doing with this free time I now have, I had better enjoy it. Because what’s the point of doing something if you don’t enjoy it? Hmm…this statement suddenly rings true on so many levels.

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One thought on “On doing what comes naturally….

  1. Wow! Thank you so much! I had no idea you liked the blog (www.beautifullycalculatedchaos.blogspot.com) as much as you do?! I'm so glad it's helping! Copy off of me as much as you want… it's very flattering.

    Interior Designer is a very glamorous title but with that title comes a lot of personal opinions and not necessarily good ones. Sometimes I kick myself for turning something I love into a job (“career”), but so far the pros outweigh the cons.

    But for the record, my designs (or ideas) aren't nearly as beautiful as your singing voice. Just sayin’. <3


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