On breaking away…

In approximately 14 hours, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane heading for Paris by way of Miami. We have a 5 hour layover in Miami, but sadly, it would cost nearly $100 to get a cab to and from the airport to South Beach. So we’ll be stuck inside the Miami International Airport, my husband playing Foursquare (I will not, since I’m leaving my phone at home…but now I’m reconsidering that) and me drinking margaritas laced with Tylenol PM so that I can survive the 8 hour flight to Paris.

I have many unfinished blogs up in the queue here. Many things to say and talk about. Since Paris is basically shut down on Mondays, the husband and I may spend some time drinking champagne and writing at whatever quaint Parisian café we stumble upon. And I’ll be catching up on the extraordinary amount of pleasure reading I’ve been missing out on the fast last several months.

Until next time…

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