On miscellaneousness….

I haven’t written anything in a long time. Long, by my standards anyway. I just haven’t had anything interesting to say. I’ve had much to think about, but can’t seem to get any of it into any sort of coherent phrasing. So much for that mission to “write with intention” or whatever it was that I said the other month.

And so I offer snippets of the last few weeks.

I made my first lattice-crust apple pie, which was magical. Husband and I each downed a piece the night I made it…the rest continues to sit in the fridge. Who needs pie every single night?

I’m ready to NOT be blonde. In just a few short days (ten, to be exact), I’ll be back to a more natural color. The peroxide necessary to maintain this color on me is making my hair fall out at a rapid pace. And the peroxide is also starting to hurt my head when I do touch-ups. Time for something new and natural. I might even try that whole Ovation Cell Therapy to help get my hair back to it’s original condition (which was amazing, if I do say so myself).

Husband accidentally bought decaf coffee the other day. This week has been miserable. Not only am I suffering through a severe lack of caffeine, but Colorado’s weather is also wreaking havoc on my body. Pretty typical, but I never get used to these headaches and backaches. I’m ready for summer and fall, my two favorite seasons. But the lack of caffeine is helping me sleep better, so there is a silver lining, which I’m glad for.

House closing is less than a month away. We’re trying to figure out all the little details right now, but so far, everything is going exactly as it should. I’m ready to be in our own home…our first home. It’s going to be fantastic! Especially once I get all the furniture I want in there! We’re hosting Christmas this year, so I’m especially excited about getting a dining room table and having space for our family and friends. It’s going to be glorious! And yes, I already have the dinner menu set. It’s how I roll.

My brother is home, safe and no worse for the wear, from India. He’s got some pretty fantastic stories, some good, some not so good. India is an interesting country, by his accounts, but I’m not sure it’s a country that’s making its way up my list of “must-see” very quickly. Brother is still rather sick from everything he came down with while in India, but is on the mend. Just not allowed to have any booze yet. But he did get accepted to Harvard’s graduate program and that’s something worth having a celebratory drink over. We’ll have to hold off on that for the time being.

I am increasingly annoyed with commentary. Not everything requires or necessitates a reaction. Someone wearing their hair curly one day and straight the next is certainly not worth commenting on. Sometimes, it’s like I’m surrounded by multiple John Maddens. And I hate that. It is actually okay to not make a comment on every single thing that happens (cough cough Glenn Beck).

Husband’s first novel is at the printers as we speak! This is really the most exciting thing that’s gone on for the last few weeks. The cover art finally got, well, finalized. It took SEVERAL tries, but the result was worth the wait (“cover porn”, it’s been called, because it’s that good). The draft copy of the manuscript was re-edited and finalized and made it to the printer over the weekend…so we should be seeing a hardcover proof any day now. You should really consider buying a copy when it comes out! Especially if you a) like to read b) like supporting local artists c) are prone to the fantasy genre or d) want to help Husband become more well-know within this very exclusive community of published writers! Go to Trapdoor Books for more information…and to check out other local authors and their books!

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2 thoughts on “On miscellaneousness….

  1. my colorist gave me all the product she used plus a brush so that i could do touch-ups myself rather than paying $40 every 3-4wks for her to do it. the product lasted me about 6 touch-ups so when i was done with the product she gave me, i'd go in to see her and get an all over touch up…i think i only went to see her twice in the last year. magical!

  2. funny…i am probably going platinum soon, and i was going to ask you how you maintain the roots, and whether you have to go to the salon every four weeks or what.

    now i'm apprehensive about my hair choices. 😉

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