On organizational tactics….

I’m a chronically organized person. I have four calendars (Outlook, Google, Desk, and Home) and am perpetually scheduling things. The fact of the matter is that I don’t like forgetting things and I have a really terrible memory sometimes. If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t get done and won’t get remembered.

I also happen to love making lists. I have a To Do list at my office, a checklist for weekly school assignments, a bi-weekly menu for our “family dinners”. In making lists, I’m also capable of setting goals. Todd and I will begin packing our apartment soon in order to move into our new (to us) lovely little house. So I’m sure goals will be set (pack x-number of boxes per day, blah blah blah) so that 1. I don’t go completely bonkers and forget to do something important and 2. we’re not rushing around like headless chickens two days before we move. I know people do and/or have done that and I really don’t understand how one can function under that kind of stress. Boxes will have labels and by the time the movers arrive at our house to unload our belongings, you can be fairly certain that each room will also be labeled in an attempt to make everything as easy, seamless, and timely as possible.

But mostly, I just love lists!
What are my five favorite foods?
Top ten countries I want to visit?
Favorite songs? (don’t ever ask me that one though)

So I’m just going to indulge myself right now and make some lists. Feel free to play along if you’d like.

Favorite Ways to Unwind
1. Clean the house
2. Take the longest shower known to man
3. Sleep
4. Shop
5. Play with Leo & Suki (along with Todd, of course)

Favorite Cities
1. Kyoto, Japan
2. Toronto, Ontario
3. Seattle, Washington
4. Barcelona, Spain
5. Paris, France

Favorite Flavors
1. Almond
2. Raspberry
3. Masala
4. Curry
5. Greek cucumber paste

Favorite Office Supplies
1. Bic Pens
2. Post It Notes
3. little desk calculator (mine started working again, mercifully)
4. the hard plastic standy-uppy thing for my papers
5. Steno pads

How I Would Spend the Perfect Day
first of all, this would be a summer day with the temps topping out at 88F
1. Eggs Benedict and mimosas for breakfast
2. Go to the park with Todd and the puppies
3. Have a BBQ with all our friends
4. Play outdoor games all evening while drinking cheap beer and margaritas
5. Fall asleep on top of the covers with the windows open

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