On weekend romance….

Today serves up a heaping portion of Cheerios.

Last weekend was Valentines Day, as we all know. I used to be vehemently opposed to Valentines Day, choosing typically to wear black and be generally melancholy about the whole thing. I really hated Valentines Day and, to be honest, can’t think of a single good reason as to why. When I was a kid (and right up until I was about 25 years old), my mom always gave me a pink paper sack full of candy, goodies, chapstick and other goodies. Lucky for my entire family that my favorite color has always been pink!

I think part of my issue is that the traditional colors of this holiday, red and pink, just don’t “go” together. They look a little weird together, if you ask me. Maybe that’s why I claimed to hate the day so much.

But ever since my husband began wining, dining, and jewelrizing me on Valentines Day, it’s hard not to love it! Our first Valentines Day together, he took me to one of my favorite restaurants in town and gave me diamond and sapphire earrings. I mean, c’mon! How can I possibly hate a day that results in THAT?!? One year, although he was sick as a dog, he took me to a gorgeous B&B; one year, we had dinner at the restuarant where our wedding reception was, complete with a Frank Sinatra impersonator that knew one of my husband’s favorite songs; last year we took the puppies to a fancy-schmancy hotel downtown.

This year was decidedly my favorite Valentines Day yet.

We went to the Project Safeguard/KOSI 101 Valentines Fling in the Tech Center…it was awesome! Dinner was amazing, the band (The Nacho Men) was incredible…it was just fantastic! We danced our little feet off and even got compliments from one of the KOSI DJs that we rocked on the dance floor (she loved that we were foxtrotting and waltzing, which I also loved). We bought some raffle tickets for some of the really fancy prizes, but didn’t win anything.

This event is something that happens every year. It’s a benefit for Project Safeguard which is a non-profit organization in the Denver area that helps women and children in domestic abuse/violence situations. We couldn’t really think of a better way to spend Valentines Day. I mean, we were going to go out for dinner regardless, but dinner AND dancing? And the proceeds go towards a cause that my husband and I are happy to support? It all made perfect sense!

So we partied there for several hours before heading back up north and hitting our favorite dive bar for some karaoke with Loren, who was pretty excited that we were a) there and b) dressed all fancy-like. She’s hilarious and wonderful. So Todd and I sang a bunch of songs and had some drinks (I stuck with Diet Coke, which seems to be my MO at this particular bar. As an aside, Loren was so excited we were there, she wanted to buy us both drinks and said to me, “I wish you drank more!” which made me laugh).

So yeah. Good Valentines Day. Awesome, really.
Oh, and he got me flowers, candy hearts (my fave), a subscription to Vanity Fair (which I’ve been talking about for MONTHS), a new book, and a funny card. Yessssss!!!

2 thoughts on “On weekend romance….

  1. stupid comment deleted or something.

    i wrote: vanity fair is the best, and i even got my dad hooked on the mag. so smart!

    also: COME TO NASHVILLE A WEEK FROM SATURDAYYYYYY. although i think amy will be out of town. but heather and i will be there…!

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