On hitting a wall…

Sometimes it pays to exist in a constant (or nearly constant) state of drama.

I’m making this new effort to write more “article” style blogs in an attempt to just try something different and see where it takes me. I call it “writing Carrie Bradshaw style.” You know, daily/weekly/bi-weekly/whatever articles on whatever happens to pop into my head, using my life as muse. The problem is that my life and Carrie’s life are in pretty stark contrast. For one, I’m real and she’s not. Another, she’s single (or was, until last summer) and I’m not. She has drama and, for the most part, I don’t.

So this poses a bit of a problem for me. My life is a somewhat terrible muse. What am I going to write about? My dogs? Chores? Work? Boring, lame, and a bad idea, respectively

Certainly, being single and dealing with the issues of dating (or not) provides far more entertainment. At least, it would seem.

There are ideas I’ve been flirting with, but nothing seems all the interesting to me right now.

Things like:
Giving and taking advice
Full-time work + full-time school (but that poor, dead horse…I just keep kicking him!)
Having babies

I’m just out of ideas for the time being. But am more than open to suggestion.

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