On Christmas Baking

This year, I went a little bonkers with the cookie making.
To be completely honest, I’ve always gone a little bonkers, but this year was especially out-of-control.
I usually choose four recipes to make, two of which are seasonal “standards”: the perfected sugar cookie and my grandma’s coconut macaroons that (apparently) only I am able to do well (which is weird because I learned the recipe from my dad and now he’s totally incapable of doing them himself).

But this year, I was so excited about the Christmas season that I made the following (most of them in one afternoon):
The Perfected Sugar Cookie
Coconut Macaroons
Waldorf Slice (another grandma recipe that my mom requested)
Pecan Tassies
Anise Ovals
Biscotti (another request from mom)
Chocolate Peppermint Bark

and with the help of my dad, I finally learned how to make:
Christmas Cake
Christmas (plum) Pudding

The last two were my absolute favorites thsi year because I got to make them with my dad. He and I are the sentimental fools in our family and those two recipes in particular are HUGE traditions for us so I was glad to learn how to make them. Even if they are incredibly difficult and time-consuming. But eventually Todd and I will host a Christmas dinner and the plum pudding and all it’s glory will be on me to make. So I’d best be prepared.

And if you’ve never had my family’s Christmas cake, I highly recommend it. My dad makes the loaves in three sizes and the little one usually ends up going home with me. It’s one of my favorite holiday treats so having a tiny batch to myself is always a treat…it’s soft and fruity and nutty and basically wonderful.

Todd isn’t *quite* as in to Christmas as I am (probably never will be), but easily one of his favorite parts of the holiday, other than eating my cookies, is decorating the sugar cookies. He gets really excited and makes fun creations…this year included a smurf-like elf and a “USA” bell (among other, less appropriate designes).

So now our house is filled to the brim with nearly a dozen cookie tins just waiting for Christmas parties and various people to deliver them to. I had official Quality Control Managers this year…even braved a snow storm to make sure they arrived before bedtime. They were the first QCMs in my baking history and all were approved, so that was good news!

Yes, I love to bake. Yes, I love Christmas.
It’s a marvelous combination!

4 thoughts on “On Christmas Baking

  1. TD – yes, yes you did. I'm glad you indulge me my Christmas nonsense!

    Karla – I've always thought cookie exchanges would be tons of fun! Maybe when more of us have actual houses so that we have the room…or something.

    Jill – anytime, man. Anytime.

  2. Your sugar cookies were supa cute! I was thinking we should have a cookie exchange one of these years, if we can get some of our other friends to bake. :o) Maybe when we're all more domestic and have little ones… or something.

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