Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays…

Today started out fine, I guess. We both slept in a little bit, but I’d made the coffee last night so it was brewing by 6am. Just that extra little bit of sleep was nice.

The whole morning really just went off with every amount of normalcy that it could. My drive to work was even easy, arriving 5 minutes early. That’s when things went downhill.

My phone was ringing.

It was Todd. Not entirely out of the ordinary, but why would he call rather than text, like normal?

“Hi honey…umm…I just got in a car wreck.”

Blamo! Monday has officially arrived. Bastard Mondays.

The whole story is too long to tell here. And it’s rather boring, honestly. No fireworks, no injuries (thank God). So the car is at “the shop” and we’re waiting to be told if it’s repairable or if it’s a total.

Poor sad Cavalier. It’s been a good car. Hopefully we can get it fixed. Sigh.
Merry Christmas.

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