Scheduling blurs…

Todd asked me yesterday what our upcoming plans were.
There’s quite a list:

Friday, I’m going to fashion show and he’s going to a cigar bar.
Saturday, he’s going to writer’s group and I’m studying then going to a bachelorette party.
Sunday, he’s running and I’m going to church, then the gym, then a bridal shower.
Monday, I have class at night.
Tuesday & Wednesday are standard fare.
Thursday, we’re trying to have dinner with some friends before their wedding.
Friday, no idea.
Saturday, I’m supposed to be going on a mini-roadtrip with Jill.

Ah, scheduling.
Frickin’ madness.

I think Todd often wonders how my brain works in order to keep all this crap straight…and then I think he thinks “Oh hell no…I’m not getting into that!”

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